Кто понимает Пожалуйста найдити правильные ответы, срочно надо!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)Tom is going to do...    a)the cleaning b)the cooking c)the shopping

2)He needs a present for his...birthday.  a)grandfather's b)father's c) friend's.

3)Tom's father is...Tom's friend's father.  a)older than b)younger than c)jf the same age as.

4)Tom's father likes...  a)music,fishing,watching TV and reading b)music,reading and swiming c)music,swiming and watching TV.

5)...is giving a CD as a present.   a)Tom's sister b) Nobody c)Tom

6)Tom thinks a...will be a good present.  a)cookery book b)DVD c) fishing book.

7)Tom's friend...to town with him.  a)doesn't go b)goes c)drives.

8)Aunt Sally's cat has got...kittens.  a)five b)four c)fourteen.

9)Tom's friend wants to take a...kitten.  a)white b)black c) grey.

10)The kitten's ears are...  a) white b)black c)grey.

  • 1)c




    5) a 

    6) c



    9) a 

    10) b




    Я знаю- это из олимпиады British Bulldog! Сегодня в школе решал! У меня точно всё правильно! 



















  • 1-b 2-b 3-c 4-c 5-a 6-b 7-a 8- 9-a 10-b вроде так )