сочинение мое мнение о интернете

  • My grandmother always says that all these "devil`s things" hurt my eyes and damage my brains. After that she always gives different arguments trying to prove that "they" do more harm than good. Every time she ends her speech with the same words:"Our generation is much healthier because we didn`t use them". But in my opinion it is impossible to live without such technical devices as computers nowadays. I can`t imagine my life without my computer because of the Internet.

    First, the Internet gives me an opportunity to communicate with the whole world. I sit down in front of the computer, switch it on and escape of everyday life problems. It is my world. There are many social networks where it is possible to communicate: Twitter, ICQ, My Circle, Face book, Skype and others. I can communicate with my relatives who live in Moscow. Not long ago they bought a new flat and with the help of Skype showed us their new furniture. 

    Second, the Internet is the source of information for me. I am not a bookworm.And the Internet gives me information about plants, animals, fashion, historical persons and events. It expands my outlook and educates me.

    Third, the Internet is the cheapest way of traveling. Traveling is a very important way to broaden our mind. But it is very expensive! The Internet gives me an opportunity to visit Great Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries. I can go to the British Museum and see the Roman Sculpture in the Room 83. I can go to London and see St Paul`s Cathedral. Isn`t it a fantasy?

    In conclusion, I would like to say that the Internet has changed my life and lives of people who live in our village very much. It offeres us great opportunities and we must try to make the best use of it. Of course it may be dangerous. But isn`t it dangerous to ride a car without any rules?

  • люблю англ. если что обращайся=) у меня по нему за грамматику 5=)

    I think, that internet is so goot. Because we want find about a long news. we want speak thith all people in intenrt