A good reputation is more valuable than money

a good reputation is more valuable than money

  • Reputation—A good reputation is an enviable honor. It cannot be bought, sold, traded, or otherwise acquired part way through life, or in the midst of a business career. It is elemental, and exists or does not exist at the beginning. A good reputation grows. It starts with the first person to whom you are known or with whom you deal, and expands throughout your career as you come into contact with more people. It must be maintained at all times or it ceases to exist.

    I enjoy numismatics, and my pleasant dealings with the increasing number of you who write to buy or to sell is a constant inspiration. I buy and sell coins on the basis of fairness and my best judgment of value to both parties. If you have coins to sell, I will be pleased to buy at a price which reflects the true quality and value of your material, and will pay cash immediately. Your correspondence is invited.

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