Нужен текст о Пушкине на английском языке. !

Нужен текст о Пушкине на английском языке.Пожалуйста помогите!

  • Alexander Pushkin was born in Moscow. From an early age, Pushkin was brought up in a literary environment. His father was a connoisseur of literature, had a large library, the uncle was a poet. House Pushkin visited Karamzin, Zhukovsky, Dmitry.

    Communication with the grandmother, with Arina, with Uncle Nikita Kozlov gave many impressions the young Pushkin. Father and uncle decided to define Alexander in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where he began to study in 1811. On the role of the Lyceum in the development of Pushkin said very much. Recall the names of friends who have found in Pushkin Lyceum: Ivan Leo, William Kiichelbecker, Anton Delvig. They always remained loyal to friends and family to Pushkin. At the Lyceum, Pushkin began writing poetry in 1814, published the first poem "To a poet friend."

    After graduating from the Lyceum Pushkin returned to Moscow in 1817, he moved to St. Petersburg and was enlisted in the service of the College of Foreign Affairs. In St. Petersburg, he spoke in a secular society, in a literary environment, attending balls and theaters. In 1820 he graduated from the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" - the first major work.

    For epigrams, free verse, is spreading rapidly in St. Petersburg, in 1820, Pushkin was sent to the southern link. For four years, he moved to different cities: LOTS, Kishinev, Odessa. During the link, he wrote a romantic southern poem "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai," "Brothers seek", and in 1823, he began work on the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin."

    In 1824, Pushkin was sent to the northern link to the estate of their parents Mikhailovskoye, where he lived after leaving the family with a nanny. There he continued to work on "Eugene Onegin", wrote of "Boris Godunov", a poem. There, in St. Michael, visited his friends, Leo brought back to Pushkin "Woe from Wit", being there, Pushkin had a conversation. It caught him the news of the Decembrist uprising, which included many of his friends, and their execution.

    September 4, 1826, Nikolai unexpectedly summoned one of Pushkin in Moscow. But freedom granted the king, was short-lived. Already in 1328 there was a decision of the State Council on the supervision of Pushkin. In the same year he voluntarily left for the Caucasus, where his friends.

    In 1830 Pushkin woo the Goncharova. Before his marriage, he went to the estate in Boldin, which was forced to stay because of the quarantine. This period is referred to in Pushkin Boldino autumn, during which he wrote a large number of literary works of various genres.

    15 maya.1831, Pushkin married and moved to St. Petersburg. During these years he worked in the archives, written works on historical themes. This "Dubrovsky", "The

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