помогите составить рассказ про домашнее животное(попугай) на английском языке 5-8 строк


  • I have a parrot. His name is Kesha. He is green. yellow and white. He is clever. He like to sing and fly. He likes to loot at the mirror and talk to himself. He likes to play with the bell. I feed him twice a day. I teach him to speak. I love him very much.

  • I have gor a parrot.His name is Kesha.He is 3 years old. He is living in big cell.He is very funny.He can spell my name.He has green,yellow and red plumage.He has very bright orange beak and big black eyes.He has sharp claws.And when I hurt him, he always scratching me.But i love him and he loves me.I think we are the best friends.