Мне нужно описать дом или комнату по картинке. Помогите описать эти комнаты  используя there is, there are и слова in front of, behind, near, in the corner итд,  Или опишите хотя бы одну комнату. 

  • спальня - bedroom.

    In my house there is a big and very light bedroom. There are two big windows. There is a big and very cozy bed near the wall. In the corner there is a small table.On the table there are some vases. In front of the windows there is a sofa. On the sofa there are a lot of cushions. In front of the sofa there is a coffee table. There are two stand lamps near the baed. The wall are light blue. There is a white carpet on the floor.

    библиотека - library  или  a room for reading.

    Ii is a small room. There are a lot of bookshelves. On the bookshelves there are a lot of books. there is one window. Near the window there is a sofa. The wall are green. On the walls there are some pictures.