РЕБЯТ СРОЧНО!!передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи 1 "Have you got a Russian-English dictionary?" he asked me. "Can you let me have it for this evening? I must do some very difficult transla­tion." "All right," said I. "I won't need it tonight." 2. "I thought about you last night, Lydia," said Nellie. "Have you decided to go to Omsk with your parents or will you remain here with your aunt until you finish school?" 3. "Have you done your homework or did you leave it till the evening, Bob?" asked Mike. "I thought of inviting you to go to the theatre with me, but I remembered that you near­ly always do your homework in the evening." 4. "I am fond of Dickens," said Jack. "I have been read­ing 'The Old Curiosity Shop' the whole week. I like the novel very much. 1 arn reading it for the sec­ond time." 5. "I think my friend has finished read­ing 'Jane Eyre', said Tanya. "I hope she will give it to me soon: I am eager to read it."

  • 1)He asked me if i had a Russian-English dictionary and could i let him had it for that evening. I agreed and said that i didnt need it that night.

    2) Nellie said that (s)he have thought about me and asked if i have decided to go to Omsk with my parents or would i remain there with my aunt untill i finished school.

    3) Mike asked Bob if he had done his homework or have he leave it till the evening. Then he said that he was thought about inviting Bob to go to the theatre with him, but he remembered that Bob always did his homework in the evening.

    4) Jack said that he was fond of Dickens and that he had been reading "The Old Curiosity Shop" for the whole week and added that he loved the novel very much and he was reading it for the dsecond time.

    5) Tanya said she think that her friend had finished reading Jane Eyre. And Tanya hope that she would give it to her soon. She added that she was eager to reaad it.