напишите небольшое сочинение 7 - 10 предложение об происхождение названия какого нибудь места на земле

  • The annalistic legend considers as fathers of Kiev and the first lords of a tribe of glades brothers of the Cue, the Cheek and Horiva. Some sources say that they lived in the IX century, however according to archaeological data Kiev is more senior than this time. For the first time the city was mentioned in the treatise «Management of the empire» Konstantin Bagryanorodnogo and in the Kiev letter of the Jewish community in which it was said that at the beginning of the 10th century Kiev was a boundary fortress of Hazaria on border with Levediyey (the protohungarian education in the territory of present Ukraine). Rusa which came from the North, tried to take control of it that from time to time it was possible to them. The history left to us some names of leaders of such groups, this is Askold, Dir, Oleg and Igor. The gain Oleg Kiyeva didn't mark itself his final accession to Russia. The tsar русов in Cuiaba (Kiev) in texts of the Arab geographers (al-Balkhi) is mentioned for the first time about 920.