Выберете правильный вариант.
1. If I knew his address, I ___ him.
A visited B would visit C had visited
2. If Sue ___ anybody the news, it won’t be a secret.
A tells B had told C told
3. If Tom ___ the bus, he would have come to the meeting on time.
A hasn’t missed B missed C hadn’t missed
4. If I see Jill, I ___ her to call you. 
A would remind B will remind C has reminded
5. If I were you, I ___ the red dress.
A had chosen B would choose C choose
6. If she had been taking care of her health, she ___ ill.
A wouldn’t have fell B didn’t fall C wouldn’t have fallen
7. If Jack hadn’t passed all the exams, he ___ the university.
A wouldn’t have finished B didn’t finish C hadn’t finished
8. If Mark ___ for the job, he would have got it.
A applies B will apply C had applied
9. If I were you, I ___ about the incident.
A wouldn’t have worry B hadn’t have worried C wouldn’t worry
10. If he had phoned me, I ___ him the home task.
A would have told B would tell C told
11.They’ll go to the restaurant if they ___ a table in advance.
A would reserve B reserve C reserved
12. If Mike joined the studio, he ___ a great dancer.
A had become B would become C will become
13. If Mark ___ so much, he would be fit.
A didn’t ate B won’t eat C didn’t eat
14. I ___ in case I am not right.
A has apologized B would apologize C will apologize
15. If John ___ the local race, he will take part in the national championship.
A won B wins C would win

  • 1.would visit


    3.hadnt missed

    4.will remind

    5.would choose

    6.wouldnt have fallen

    7.wouldnt have finished

    8.had applied

    9.wouldnt worry

    10.would have told


    12.would become

    13.didnt eat

    14.will apologize