Помогите пожалуйста составить рассказ о кошке из 5-ти предложений для ученика 2-го класса на английском языке с переводом (нужно срочно)

  • At home, lives a small, fair-haired cat named Weasel. She has blue eyes, black ears and a black tail. It is very similar to Siamese cats.

    Laska likes to run and jump through the trees. Lusk very smart cat, she can claw open the fridge and pull off, lint, and then close it, and no one knew about it. On New Year's we put a Christmas tree at home .... Lusk jumped on the top of a Christmas tree, and fell asleep!

    Here is such I have a cat ...

  • I have a cat. Its name is (пишите кличку). The cat is white and grey. It likes to eat fresh meat and to sleep. The cat is very nice.

    У меня есть кот. Его имя... Кот белый с серым. Он любит есть сырое мясо и спать. Кот очень милый.