Вставте вместо попусков слова использовать все слова: annual — brass bans — catchy, romantic and sentimental — choral — classical — conductor — first

вставте вместо попусков слова ( использовать все слова): annual ; brass bans ; catchy,romantic and sentimental ; choral ; classical ; conductor ; first nights ; full houses ; jazz ; opera houses ; took place ; was staget ;

St Petersburg is known for its musical traditions. There are wonderful _______ like the Mariinsky Theatre. Its famous _________ Valery Gergiev organises the _______ Easter Festeval of ___________ music.The Mariinsky is famous for tht ________ of outstanding Russian operas like Life for the Tsar (or Ivan Susanin). the first Russion national opera.by Mikhail Glinka.It ________ in 1836.

The world-famous Russian composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in the town of Votkinsk. His most famous works are the ballets Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty. His music is considered to be _______ .

The Russion __________tradition is long. The first Russian folk choir was organised by Prince Yuri Golitsyn in thr village of Novocherkutino (now Lipetsk Region) in 1856.

Many Russians like __________ . The famous Oleg Lundstrem big band was fouded in Shanghai,China, by Oleg Lundstrem and his brother Igor in the 1930s to Moscow. Their concerts have always been very popular and successful and they have often played to _________ .

In some Russian parks you can listen to _________ . They are very popular among older people.

  • 1 opera houses

    2 conductor

    3 annual

    4 romantic and sentimental

    5 classical  

    6 was staget

    7 catchy

    8 choral

    9 jazz

    10 full houses

    11 brass bands



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